Friday, 7 March 2014

My Local Music School

This is the best thing I have ever seen ever


  1. Stunning. The teacher reminds me of a music teacher we had at school, a very enlighted Irish lady who introduced us to all sorts of musical utopias. She helped engender my love and appreciation of electronic/abstract/experimental music by introducing me to the works of Stockhausen and it was through her that I first heard Ultravox with John Foxx leading (the "Ha!Ha!Ha!" album) and whenever I hear "Hiroshima Mon Amour", I always think of her. The schools need more teachers such as this.

  2. I had a rather uninspiring music teacher who banned me from a lesson after I bought in a piece by Krzysztof Penderecki when asked to bring our favourite music. Other kids bought Ralf McTell and Abba. I think he thought I was taking the piss - which I wasn't!
    I would love to have had a teacher like this when young. A great video find. What is music teaching like in schools today? Are kids just sat around a MAC playing Dub Step loops in Garageband?

  3. Walking past my local college last week I saw a chap setting up 2 Wasps, a jp800 and a juno 6 in preparation for a lecture on synthesis. There is hope for the youth!

  4. Crikey! That beats what we had. Two triangles and a tambourine and if you got in fast enough - ago on the glockenspiel. I filled the piano hammers with drawing pins once for a more experimental approach. Think I may have got a detention for this?

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