Saturday, 6 April 2013

Ebay of the Day

You can buy part of the Hubble Space Telescope from NASA today... (saw this on matrixsynth - even though its not a synth - it looks like it should be a synth)

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Moog Vs Sony

During the console-swap we did some tests with the Moog modular as a sound source. Here is a sequence going through the Sony Oxford EQ. Sweet

and here is a Sequential Drumtraks being routed via the Sony insert points, with the Moog as an external FX. Snappy

Mixed Feelings

Speaking of mixing, half way through the monumental task of mixing our (John Foxx & The Maths) Live in the Studio album, the Mackie DXB digital console decided to die! So I have had a very busy few weeks here at Benge Central, running round and sorting things out. I decided to replace the DXB with a lovely little Sony DMX R100 digital desk, which I have always lusted after but could never really afford. Now however they can be picked up for less than a tenth of the original price, and I lucked out and found a pristine one with all the right interface cards in place. So i swapped this:

for this:

The really cool thing was that the Sony fits into my console frame perfectly, so Big Al and me had a sleepover and did the switcheroo at the weekend:

So its goodbye to the DXB, you've been a good friend

Underpass Pass

We've been mixing a lot this week, heres Underpass through the MCI with me adding plate reverb to the choruses: