Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sorrel Hays

I was browsing over on Toys & Techniques and came across the work of Sorrel Hays. She is interesting to me because she makes experimental music on some of my favourite machines (i.e. vintage Buchla and Synclavier). But it seems there is little info on her out there and also some confusion as to some of her musical output. Here is a wiki page about one release in particular, the Southern library album called Electronic Music from 1971. Here is an extract, which sounds very Buchlaesque:

And some more uploaded by toysandtechniques:

And heres a video of her in action, check out the Buchla 101 at 1.15

UPDATE: MYSTERY SOLVED - As a result of matrix publishing a link to this post and the awesomeness of the internet in general, Sorrel Hays HERSELF confirmed that she did in fact record the Southern library tracks and it was NOT Delia Derbyshire. So Wikipedia was wrong and I was right. It is a Buchla on that record - the very one that Rick has just restored while he was working on my 100 Series

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