Sunday, 26 May 2013

Mix Up

Why are there no other Mix Sequencers? Its such a cool idea but I don't think there has ever been another one made since ARP's 1050 module, designed in 1970. It mixes and sequences audio and CV-range signals, which means it has a huge range of uses. (In the video its the module with 8 white squares on it, in case you were wondering what I'm going on about.) In this patch I am using it to switch between the other ARP sequencer rows - the more conventional analog sequencer, although its also pretty strange because its got 10 steps to each row. So I am truncating that one using the end-point output facility to loop the sequence at 8. So using the mix sequencer I got a total of 32 steps (I am only using the first 4 channels of the 1050). Does any of this actually make any sense to anyone? If not, just move on - theres probably something else you should be doing anyway

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