Monday, 27 May 2013

Buchla 100 Krell Meme

Here is a self-playing patch on the Buchla 100, another Krell meme. The patch is as follows: 158 sin/saw vco into 185 frequency shifter then into 191 filter and then 106 mixer ch1. 160 noise into mixer ch2. 144 sq wave vco into mixer ch3. 140 timing pulse to 130 envelopes which control the 191 filter cutoff and a 110 gate. 140 timing is being randomised by the 165 random voltage generator, which also controls the pitch of the main vcos. The 140 also triggers the 123 sequencer which is controlling the 102 stereo locator and pitches of 144 vco. A second 158 vco is being used to modulate the principal vcos. The 102 stereo output goes to each side of the dual 190 reverb, then to the 175 stereo eq. Interspersed with all this are the very useful 156 cv processors, I think all 3 are used in the patch to limit the randomness and range of the 165, and to invert certain voltages. The whole thing is very tweakable, but in this video I just set it up and left it running

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