Thursday, 4 April 2013

Mixed Feelings

Speaking of mixing, half way through the monumental task of mixing our (John Foxx & The Maths) Live in the Studio album, the Mackie DXB digital console decided to die! So I have had a very busy few weeks here at Benge Central, running round and sorting things out. I decided to replace the DXB with a lovely little Sony DMX R100 digital desk, which I have always lusted after but could never really afford. Now however they can be picked up for less than a tenth of the original price, and I lucked out and found a pristine one with all the right interface cards in place. So i swapped this:

for this:

The really cool thing was that the Sony fits into my console frame perfectly, so Big Al and me had a sleepover and did the switcheroo at the weekend:

So its goodbye to the DXB, you've been a good friend


  1. i used to work on one of the dmx r100 and i liked it very much the DAC's sounded great to my ears and the preamps were not bad clean and neutral in a good way...good choice and best value nowadays.

  2. its a really great desk, thanks!

  3. Installed the new firmware 2.0 on the DXB ?