Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Years Morning


  1. Gosh, u have been up to alot of assignments!The drive and the music video really made me laugh - its funney - biba came over to the computer when she heard the music! it does look like you are driving abit too fast, and overtaking everyone, but i was pleased to see you did stop at the traffic lights.
    Wouldnt it be good if we really could travel that fast in time.
    Now this photo of new years eve is making me suspious that your not in america at all, but have finally been 'beam me up' (another name for a benge album!)It just looks so star treck, was everyone dressed up in orange,or yellow or blue tops. . .did anyone have pointy ears?????????

  2. Happy new year, Benge :) I enjoy reading your posts, though I never comment on them. Hope you'll keep up the pace in 2013!

  3. well thanks for your comments it means a lot - HNY!