Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Hills Have Ears

So here I am in America for a little while, exploring in the hills once again, but this time for longer. So the first thing I did was went on Craigslist LA and found myself a vintage recording studio to put in my flat. I totally lucked out because the day I arrived a guy called Jeff was selling his entire home studio that was put together in 1983. This means I get to have an awesome 16 channel analog console, a super cool desk and chair, racking system, patch bay, speakers, amps and selection of early digital reverb units, compressors, exciters and stuff. It was such a great deal, and whats more Jeff kindly delivered it and helped me wire everything up - THANKS JEFF! I was also helped by Tara and Maff - THANKS GUYS!

Heres the deal:
Yamaha RM1608 console
Hafler DH220 amp
Urei 809 speakers
Audiotone Cube speakers
Symetrix patchbays
MXR dual limiter
ART DR1 reverb
Roland SRV2000 reverb
Yamaha D1500 delay
EXR dual exciter


  1. But did he have a JP8 and a pool overlooking the city?

  2. And there was me getting all excited over my recently acquired (for £40) fully working Peavey SRC 2400 console......

  3. You have been busy!

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