Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Dr Flu

OK, so today I've got flu so its all about sitting round and watching old episodes of Dr Who (which I recently bought on VHS - the only way to watch late 70s episodes). Heres the BBC logo from the tapes:


  1. Aaaah yes, the BBC video ident - it's on all my first release Blackadder VHS tapes. We have a good collection of the early Doctor Who stuff on VHS - my 15 year old daughter is a huge fan and one of her favourites is the very first episode "An Unearthly Child". Do you have flu flu or man-flu?

  2. when i was little i was really scared of the darlicks, i use to hide behind the sofa, it was their voice it was so scary! I hope your flu hasnt made you sound like one! have you ever sampled the darlick voice?, or the tardis sound?, mayb another album title . . . . I AM A BENGE . . inspired by the sounds of doctor who. . .