Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Look what arrived in the post today - some beautiful original Buchla pamphlets! They came in a really nicely designed envelope thing and inside was an original 100 series user manual (I only scanned the cover here because it is already online somewhere - though not scanned very well, so I might scan mine at some point), and a pamphlet about electronic music written by Hubert S. Howe. Also inside were some typed documents explaining all the modules, and these are what the info on the Buchla historical website is taken from. I have scanned in the price list from 1969 which is quite an interesting read. Finally there are two A3 size patch sheets with a big brown stain on them


  1. Very cool. Thanks for posting these.

  2. What cost $7060 in 1969 would cost $42,708.46 in 2011.

    makes a new system seem downright affordable...

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  4. Cool

    You have a great site and you have great synths and modulars.
    Its good to see that people like you keep the history in live.

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