Saturday, 13 October 2012

Decaying Seminary

I just got back from a brief trip to Glasgow (hi Lyn!) and whilst there I visited an incredible disused monastery, called St Peter's Seminary, recommended to me by my brother Dan. It is located in a remote forest about an hour from Glasgow, and is really worth the trip if you like a bit of adventure. We had very poor directions, actually just the name of the village it was near (Cardross) so we relied on asking local people if they could point us there. After much driving around and walking through various golf courses and farm buildings, streams and forest paths, we eventually found it. By then it was getting dark, and I highly discourage anyone from visiting this place in the dark! We had to climb in through a hole in the fence and there are many dangers awaiting inside, let alone the prospect of being accosted by drug-crazed hostiles or, worse, ghost-monks. My pics came out a bit grainy due to the low light, but you get the idea. Find out more about this amazing place here, and here is a gallery of original shots from the Glasgow School of Art Archive. Below my pics are some of it back in it's short-lived heyday


  1. Mr Edwards - a bit of proper hardcore Urban Exploration? Welcome to my world - most impressed!!! :-D

  2. I wasn't expecting this when I saw the subject "Decaying Seminary". Religious instruction meets 1960s car park. The photos of the building in its prime are rather stunning, with definite hints of A Clockwork Orange about them. The modern day pictures are a little sad... I partly dread the decaying concrete and the collapse of the stairwells... and yet I think this place may become more beautiful again as nature reclaims it. Wondeful photo set, and thanks for highlighting the existence of this place.

  3. The building seems to have been in use for 14 years only. A modern ancient monastery. Thanks for the archeology!