Sunday, 20 May 2012

Mountain Boat

When I was last in LA I spent a lot of time driving round the hills looking at houses. One time I discovered these amazing wonked-out house pods up in Hollywood and fell in love with them. They were designed in the late 50s by Harry Gesner. Theres one for sale at the moment, $600K

Check out this video that I just found over on a great blog called JUST OFF MULLHOLLAND:


  1. Absolutely fascinating stuff Ben. I enjoy these type of blog entries as much as the synth stuff - please do keep them coming.

  2. A friend of mine used to rent one of those! I've been inside, very cool spaces.

  3. thats so cool. is it on 2 levels inside?

  4. Yes! A narrow stairway down the middle by the front entry... Kitchen/living upstairs, bedroom downstairs.