Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Condition of Muzak

Have a listen to Tench's latest T:COM which is an exemplary piece of contemporary post-modernist auratory design. Its hosted by the marvellous GaiaLive



spoken word, unknownfrom film, 'in the shadow of the moon'
insects, swod, sekunden
questionable things, julien neto, le fumeur de ciel
goodbye dragon inn, arbol + fibla, live in seville
york city three - thendof rmx, the declining winter, moteer remixes
ballerina, biosphere, man with a movie camera
M1, black dog, music for real airports
to denmark, johan sderqvist, In a better world (soundtrack)
interlock, frank bretschneider + taylor dupree, balance
02, four colour, letter of sounds
silencing cities, colour cassette, small town smoker
Wume, maps and diagrams, trotoga
watashi no nemi tabi, moskitoo, drape
kunderas dream, marsden jules, nostalgia
i saw countless galaxies, terry artovsky, first time in space
IBM 1403 printer, jhann jhannsson, IBM 1401 a user's manual

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  1. Listening to it as I write this - very absorbing indeed. Good share Ben.