Sunday, 22 January 2012


Today I experimented with the Buchla preset manager. Some of the 200e modules are equipped with recallable functions, which are controlled by the preset manager section of the 225e module. The thing is, not all settings are recallable, only certain things indicated by a blue capped knob. Plus obviously you can't recall cable connections or the parameters of non 200e modules (such as the Eardrill and Verbos ones), but its still quite a useful area of exploration and certainly opens the system up to some otherwise impossible sounds

This patch uses the clock of the pendulum/ratchet module to sequence through the 30 storage locations in the 225e. You can see me plugging the banana cable into the 'advance input' near the beginning. I had previously edited the blue knobs on various modules to alter the VCO and LPG settings and stored them in sequence. I also used the p/r clock to scroll the 291e stage sequencer

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  1. Thoroughly enjoy these Buchla snippets - keep 'em coming :-)