Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Nike Missiles

I love Mulholland Drive. Its my favourite road. Today I noticed on google earth that it doesn't actually end where it seems to end when you drive down it, it turns into a small dirt track and carries on winding through the hills above LA and Santa Monica. It eventually connects up with Malibu. So I drove down the crazy dirt track and discovered a secret decommissioned cold war nuclear army base called the LA96C Nike Missile Site. You can wander around and take in the beautiful views, and wonder at the idea of huge radars and computers monitoring the skies in the early 1960s


  1. Wow wow wow - now you know I would salivate profusely at this!!! Love the pics Ben, would have been great to have got inside.

  2. hey neil, i thought you might like these. i was tempted to try and get inside, but then thought better of it - probably best not to mess with US military stuff...