Friday, 6 January 2012

Its Real

The first time I met Stephi from Big City Music in LA she told me that she knew the whereabouts of one of synthesiser-folk-lore's greatest legends, the iconic PPG Realizer. I had first read of this mythical instrument in a book called Keyfax 2, which when I was growing up into a serious synth-nerd became my bible. Since then I have heard speak of this behemoth of digital synthesis, that perhaps only one or two ever existed, and how it can model any synthesiser ever made using a unique and groundbreaking sound engine. Of course I didn't believe Stephi and her tales of obscure german monster-machines, what would be next - that she had a giant Buchla 100 in her loft? A Synthi 100 in her garage? Well it turns out it was true - Sorry to have doubted you Stephi!!!!



  1. Don't question the master! ; )

  2. I have a corner in my little room that would accomadate this nicely.

  3. Hope they don't sell it without documenting it on video and audio and dumping all data from it's memory chips. What if it will end up in some collector's hands and nobody will know what it was capable of?