Friday, 28 October 2011

The Trip Is Over

We all returned home today after our little tour, slightly earlier than anticipated. John managed to trip over a small table in the pitch dark and smashed his forehead! So our XOYO gig turned into our farewell as far as this tour is concerned. Luckily John is OK but he'll have an impressive scar to show for all his efforts this month. In fact we have all put a lot of work in but I have loved every second of it - up until this morning waiting for John to come back from the hospital! So thanks to John and the team (Sefa, Hannah, Baz, Chris, Chris and Steve) I've had an amazing time. I will put up some pictures in a new post soon


  1. Loved the show in Liverpool, and really enjoyed the new material. I hope John recovers quickly, feel sorry for the folks who missed out!

  2. It's been a brilliant tour, such a shame it had to come to an abrupt (and painful) end.

    Here's my review of Monday's gig in York: