Saturday, 18 June 2011

Ebay of the Day

Check out this beautiful vintage phaser that just sold on the bay. It fetched a surprising £698. This is the legendary phaser used on all your favorite kraut-rock records

Here's what the seller said: "This is one of the most famous effects units that were produced in the 70´s. The Compact Phasing "A" was made in Berlin by Gerhardt Schulte, and this thing was heavily used by Krautrock bands and electronic musicians not only in Germany: Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Oskar  Sala,  Jon Lord, Rubycon, J.M. Jarre, Pink Floyd...

It´s possible to use it in a very subtle way, but it´s more interesting when you play with knobs to get more deep, dramatic and esoteric tones

This is the rare white version which i bought some years ago from the first owner. The thing is in very good condition and comes with the original footswitch. You need the switch to get the Leslie-like brake sounds as you can start and stop the LFO with it"

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  1. What the hell, I need one of these.