Saturday, 9 April 2011

Early Serge

I was browsing Ken Stone's Cat Girl Synth website because I was looking for information about trigger sources and slope detectors, and saw this lovely early Serge system that I believe he has restored (its not clear from his site where it is now...). Then I discovered a whole load of historical Serge technical data that might come in handy as I have a very early Serge that often requires pampering

Heres what he says about this system: "This Serge was assembled by Warren Burt, originally for the Center for Music Experiment at the University of California, San Diego, and was imported into Australia to be used at the Clifton Hill Community Music Centre. It was later acquired by Rainer Linz, and used in a number of performances of Stelarcs"

Heres how my system looks this morning:


  1. i have been to Ken's tardis (home) and The early serge is great. I dont think it is completely working as yet

  2. cool. did he convert it back to bananas?

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  4. Well, it seems you know about my synth. I still have it. It's getting a rebuild/upgrade at the moment, including ... conversion to bananas ... to answer your question.
    Drop me an email - I'd like to use pics of your serge on a web page I am making.