Friday, 28 January 2011

No Holes

Have you ever wanted to implement all those great mods to your EMS VCS3 but not wanted to drill holes in the panel? Well this website has the solution!

Here is the introduction:

"Many Synthi users dare not make mods because they're afraid to depreciate their valuable instrument. Is understandable, but is a pity because the mods wonderfully expand the Synthi and open doors to fantastic new sonic worlds

Here's an idea I think is worth to be shared. I'm surprised no one else had it before

I did a few mods on my Synthis A MKI and AKS using push-pull pots instead of switches to avoid drilling holes in the panel

LEDs in the spare anti-rotation holes left by the original pots (push-pull ones are smaller) show that the mod is active when the knob is pulled 

This makes the mods fully reversible and preserves the Synthi's original appearance"

Mods covered:

* Push-pull pots
* Voltage controlled shape on each oscillator
* Hi/lo range switchable oscillators
* Filter 18/24 db
* Filter slew/unslew
* Oscillator synchronization
* Attack and decay time extension

I saw this over on matrixsynth

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