Monday, 20 September 2010


The last few weeks have been all about sitting round the house and not the studio, so I have been keeping myself busy by tinkering with the Serge modular, and trying to build the custom Serge/Doepfer panel for it. I decided to go with knobs which match the later Serge STS modules, as they are exactly the right size for the Doepfer panel holes, and are really nice to use. I got them from Small Bear Electronics in America, who provide an excellent service

What was really hard was working out the measurements for the holes in the panel artwork. I ended up using some digital calipers to measure everything out, then I made a panel design in Illustrator

Then I dyed the paper to match the old Serge panels, printed it out, laminated it and punched the holes. After about 5 attempts, the holes actually started to line up with the metal face plates on the Doepfer modules!

I then populated the panel and created the 'junctions' and fixed it all together. There are some extra holes I made above and below each module so that I can add functions later if necessary. Luckily the Serge and Doepfer modules both use +/- 12v, so I just connected the power supply rails together, and it works!

Another thing I wanted to try were some of those Stackcable cables, so that I could build crazy patches with minijacks instead of bananas. I had to import them from Germany [from - great service again]

Here are some crappy pics from my phone I took late last night. I'll take some better ones soon....


  1. I do remember the Serge, majestically:

    Thank you for your blog, it warms my heart.

  2. thanks ryebot! is that your studio with all the ps's, 2500's, 700's, emus???

  3. The knobs are great, do you know where I could find the datasheet? I'd like to know their diameter