Saturday, 31 July 2010

Big Computers

I love big and ancient technology. So i was delighted to discover this amazing website which has an archive of computing brochures. Some of them are utterly beautiful and mind-bogglingly cool

Here are some pictures that I have chosen, and below them are four examples of the complete brochures. Enjoy

IBM.system 1964

RCA.spectra 1968




  1. what i want to know is, where are these machines now???

  2. Interesting to note the early application of transistors in the first solid-state computers by IBM. In the late '50s the first music software was being written in assembler for these beasts, before Moog and Buchla had even begun to create the market for analogue synthesisers...

  3. i guess gaining access to a machine like this was pretty hard back then [not as hard as now though, as boothnavy points out], especially for mere music applications!

  4. I would imagine it was pretty difficult, unless you happened to be this guy:

    Apparently Miller Puckette named the 'Max' software application after him...