Monday, 14 June 2010

Discoid Funk

NOTE: I am struggling with Audio Players on this blog. I have tried muzicons and soundcloud but neither work on all systems, so now I have butchered some code from someone else's blog to try and embed a nice simple player for my audio. Hopefully this one will work, on macs, pcs, ipads, even iphones and other mobiles.... but it probably won't dammit

There is a great library record by Brian Bennett from 1978 called VOYAGE: A JOURNEY INTO DISCOID FUNK. I got it from the rather EGG-cellent Egg City Radio blog, which is well worth checking out for interesting and otherwise lost music that you can't find on itunes. I bought a Yamaha DX5 once on ebay and when I turned up at the sellers house to pick it up I was greeted by Brian Bennett, but I didn't know who he was at the time except for the drummer from the Shadows, but to me his composing for film and tv and general input into the world of library music overshadows even the Shadows. This album is really good and features the keyboard playing of Francis Monkman, who I posted about here because he made the soundtrack to The Long Good Friday, which is also EGG-stremely good

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