Sunday, 6 June 2010

80's Neve

There's a cool looking Neve console on the bay today. Its an 8128 made in 1984. After the glory days of the 70's Neve went all IC-based and brightly coloured plastic, and it seems the jury is out on the sonic quality of the 81 series. Some people think the eq's are the best Neve ever made [the V series followed on directly from them] but maybe it's let down by the mic pre's. Everyone seems to agree the routing matrix is a compromise and a major source of pain. It looks like a McDonalds cash register. Having a penchant for everything early 80's I would love to get my hands on one. The flying faders in the vid were an option, not fitted on the one on ebay. Images from here and here where you will find a treasure-trove of Neveness. This one is near LA and has a BIN of $12500 [£8.5k]

UPDATE: Here is the front cover of the 8108 brochure

UPDATE 2: Here are some more pictures, this time of the actual console for sale. The more I see the more interesting I think these 'forgotten Neves' look

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