Saturday, 30 September 2017

Memetune Album Roundup

Its been such a busy and productive year so far here at Meme-central. Here is a roundup (in chronological order) of album releases that have been co-written-and-or-produced by me here at the Memetune Analog/Digital Music Complex so far this year. And the best news is you can buy them ALL on real plastic things that spin round at 33 RPM

First Up - John Foxx & The Maths - The Machine

This is the album of the soundtrack we made for the stage play version of the E.M.Forster book The Machine Stops. 'Dystopian sci-fi lullabies; icy, minimalist sound paintings; dreamy, woozy, sparkly beauty. (Uncut magazine). 'Glacial compositions suggesting the impressionist side of debut solo album, Metamatic' Mojo magazine. Reviews and interviews here and here. Get it here

Fader - First Light

Next - new project! FADER is my collaboration with Neil Arthur and First Light is our debut album, which came out on 23rd June this year. Reviews here and here and here. Buy it here

Lone Taxidermist - Trifle

Another debut album out this time on our very own Memetune label, this is the long awaited LP by Natalie Sharp, Phil Winter and Will Kwerk. Recorded at memetune over various years and in various settings (we started it in the Hoxton studio, finished recording it when the studio was in limbo in my front room, and mixed it in the new studio). ITS ALBUM OF THE MONTH RIGHT NOW OVER ON THE QUIETUS! Reviews here and here and you can buy it here and here

I Speak Machine - Zombies 1985

This is my collaboration with Tara Busch under her project name I Speak Machine, which is a vehicle for her and Maf Lewis to make short films and electronic soundtracks. If you recall I mixed their previous album The Silence, see here. The Zombies album started out as simply the soundtrack to the short film Maf made, but it evolved like a crazed demonic squirming monster into a fully fledged album with new songs and ideas based on the sound of 1985. Every instrument and sound effect was period correct! Reviews and interviews here and here and Taras blog post on the album is here. Buy it here

Blancmange - Unfurnished Rooms

Its been a total honour to be working with Neil Arthur again, this time on the new Blancmange album - "WHAT!?!? THATS AMAZING!!!" "YES I KNOW!!!!" and whats more its also getting fantastic reviews - AND ITS ALSO ALBUM OF THE MONTH in a different magazine (Classic Pop mag). Reviews and interviews here and here