Saturday, 11 August 2012

Word of the Week #39

Logans Couch

Hugo passed this on to me. Its the De Sede sofa from Logans Run. WANT!

Bonus Skor

It was really nice having Mike back in the studio. He's been working with Laura J Martin on a new EP, and I helped mix it on the big console. It sounds awesome!

External Clock

I love Stoke Newington car boot sale

Holy Ground

I bought a little 8 channel mixer on ebay exactly a year ago and I've got it set up at home just in case I need to suddenly mix something. It sounds really cool this mixer, it's got a big edgy character and I like working with it's quirks and limitations. It came from the Holyground studio, one of england's seminal 1970s recording labels. I mixed all the new tracks on the Evidence album (see previous post) on it last week

Here is a picture of it in 1975 from it's previous owner:

New Evidence

We're releasing our new album soon. Here's the track listing:

Out on 10 September, 2012

01. Personal Magnetism
02. Evidence (Featuring The Soft Moon)
03. That Sudden Switch (Featuring Xeno & Oaklander)
04. Talk (Beneath Your Dreams) (Featuring Matthew Dear)
05. Neon Vertigo
06. Changelings (Featuring Gazelle Twin)
07. My Town
08. Have A Cigar
09. A Falling Star (Featuring Gazelle Twin)
10. Cloud Choreography
11. Shadow Memory
12. Walk
13. Myriads
14. Only Lovers Left Alive
15. Talk (I Speak Machine Mix) (Featuring Tara Busch)

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