Saturday, 5 February 2011

Friday, 4 February 2011

Big Buchlas

Please allow me to wallow in some Buchla madness, found at various times on matrixsynth. First we have two of the best systems I have ever seen of the 70's era 200 series [picture 2 is my all time favorite looking synth, and is actually 100 series modules in a 200 case]. These are from Rick's flickr page, who is in charge of looking after the equipment at the Cantos Foundation in Calgary, lucky chap! He restored these two monsters a while ago. After that is a recent video by Cary Grace, an american musician living in Somerset, although the huge Buchla 200 she is tweaking is in the US. She does a cool radio show which you can listen to here

UPDATE: see the comms

UPDATE2: see the comms again, but here is the actual Cantos Buchla 100 in a 200 case:

OK here is another large system, this time from the background of this picture. I think I am obsessed with Buchlas

UPDATE AGAIN: Some better pictures of the Buchla 100 in a 200 case owned by Cantos:

More Covers and Designs

I found some more book covers and cool designs over on this blog called A Sound Awareness

First up are these ones by Rudolph De Harak

And these posters by Emil Ruder

UPDATE via gog in the comments, I've chosen some more Penguins / Pelicans designed by Germano Facetti

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Great Guns in Da Studio

Heres a short clip of me and Jeanga working on a new song - he was playing the Korg Trident and I was supposed to be on Moog Sequencer duties but took this clip while he wasn't looking....

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Milton Babbitt Rip

Saw this on Matrixsynth....

Basing Treat

Look at these super-cool pictures of studio one at Basing Street, as it was in the mid-70s. This is the studio set up by Chris Blackwell of Island records, and was home to some of the best recordings of the 70s - Led Zep 4 for example. It evolved into Sarm West at some point and 80s music was born. Here we can see the Helios [not neve as I originally thought] wraparound console that epitomized the big huge sound of the seventies, plus it was painted yellow

UPDATE: Using the magic of google image search, I discovered a scan of the original Basing Street studio brochure on this forum here, and now this post is complete

UPDATE TWO: OK so see the comms for something cool...


Do you ever find yourself with a couple of thousand hours of time to kill? You could do a lot worse than head over to the incredible UBUWEB where you will find hour upon hour of art and experimental video, all archived and sorted and ready to amaze

I have only just dipped my toe into the water there, but already discovered fascinating films I have never seen before about some of my heroes; Don Van Vliet [RIP], Marcel Duchamp, Ivor Cutler, Joseph Beuys, theres so much stuff! But I was overjoyed to discover this film lurking in the shadows - a 1973 film from the amazingly-titled National Center for Experiments in Television featuring an analog video synth and a Buchla 200 modular system. You can watch the whole 30 minute film here but here is the introduction:

UPDATE: I found a couple of pictures, below, of Warner Jepson and the 'Buchla Box' he used in this performance. They are from here

Dead End

Today I took a trip to Southend, Essex's very own French Riviera. Me and Joe took Olly, her 6 year old nephew to see the dazzling sights. Actually it was really cold and out of season and all the fun parks were closed and scoobydoo-ish. There were only tramps and what looked like hookers hanging about, but maybe thats how people dress in Essex when no ones looking. Anyway we spent the entire day inside the few very old fashioned amusement arcades that were open, with names like Las Vegas, New York, etc. As you can see from this pic they still had some charm. I found a 1980s Star Wars fruit machine that took about £8 off me in 2 minutes