Friday, 24 December 2010

русских красоток

Here are some pics I took of our recent trip to St Pete

UPDATE - I might add some more to this post so use the 'updates' tag to check...

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Applause Please

Today I spent a few hours making a clap sound on modular synths. Actually me and Phil started it on behalf of Wrangler, and I wanted to document it here

Its sort of modeled on the 808 clap which is awesome, my favorite one. There are two elements to the sound, the first is a noise based crackle which I made on the Roland 100M using noise going into a VCA with an envelope and LFO modulating it very fast

The second element is a space for the clappers to be in. You don't need a reverb module, you can do it with filtered noise using an envelope. I used the ARP 2500 because i love its filter and punchy envelopes

By adjusting the filter frequency and cutoff, and the decay of the envelope a wide range of sounds can be achieved

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Sexy Time

Somehow this album has managed to pass me by all my life until today. It's a synthesizer album with sexy moans on top made in 1972. How cool is that!? The cover shows a couple making out on top of a ARP 2500 Modular....

Actually side 2 doesn't have synths on, it's just someone moaning with a record of classical music playing in the background. But side one mostly features a really simple synth and is awesome. I'm not sure if the synth is actually a 2500, but it could well be, it's certainly got a sequencer which in 1972 makes it seem likely

The music is by Fred Miller, but I can't find out much more than that. I found it here