Friday, 1 October 2010

La La La, La La-La La-La

Sparks 'Its Number One All Over Heaven'. 1979, produced by Georgio Moroder, synth playing on the record is credited to Dan Wyman, the auther of the user manual for the Moog Modular

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Maths Machine

Isn't this beautiful?

I'm trying to get it on ebay for £1 so please don't bid on it


Synthetic Roots

Here is a link to a vinyl rip of Racines Synthetiques, another fantastic find by the Dusty Shelf people. Good work!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Moog and Me

Wow check this out it's a picture Paul took of me and Bob Moog at Sonar in Barcelona in June 2005. That's me on the right [joke]. I totally had to put this up on the blog what a happy moment! Shamelessly plugging the record label there with the T Shirt I gave him. I like to think he wore it a few times that would be so cool. He was such a nice man

Fever Pitch

I met up with Peder from Fever Ray at the studio, I think he's into analog synths or something. He's super-cool and invited me to Sweden to play on a Buchla synth that is held in captivity at the EMS studio there. The last film below is a totally great tour of that facility made in the 70s. But first here is a video I made on the phone of the Fever Ray gig at Brixton Academy. Thanks for inviting me Peder it was amazing. The lasers were genius

Peder also records as The Subliminal Kid, as part of a project called Roll the Dice. Their debut album was one of my favorites of the year

Roll The Dice - The New Black from The Subliminal Kid on Vimeo.

And now, kick back, open a bottle of red wine, and enjoy being shown round a 1970s electronic music studio

Monday, 27 September 2010


Neve Say Neve Again

I put up a post about this desk over on the Balance Blog, but thought I would mention it again here because it is so cool

Emu Modular

I saw this amazing system over on Matrixsynth. Its for sale, so sell your house

I recently found a vinyl rip of Patric Gleeson's Rainbow Delta over on the Root Blog [which I will do a proper post about later]. According to the book Vintage Synthesizers Gleeson's second album was made entirely on an Emu Modular, one of the largest put together, which if the one for sale here is anything to go by must be very big indeed! Here's a pic of him and Herbie at work

Here's a 70's Emu Brochure taken from this website, where you will find more Emu stuff. Look at the studio pic below, is that an MCI desk? Remind you of this pic?

New Teho Teardo Album

We've just released a new album by Teho Teardo. He did a previous album on Expanding Records under the Modern Institute moniker, but this new one is a compilation of his amazing soundtrack work. He makes music for proper feature films, see wiki

Here's his myspace page

More Cars

UPDATE: Read the comments about this as well

I'm not posting car posts here any more, as they don't really fit the brief, so they are going over here now. This sort of stuff:

We are the Music Makers

I was going through some old books from my parents house and I found a huge tome called The Music Makers, which I vaguely remember reading when I was a kid. It was published in the late 70s and focused primarily on classical music. It has this great picture of a studio in London where orchestras were recorded, and in the picture credits it refers to EMS studio, London*. They look very much like a couple of Neve consoles in there, and I'm sure I've seen pictures of this place before. Anyway, as I am just about to revamp my studio I find this extremely inspiring....

*UPDATE - I think it is Studio 3 at abbey road, according to this SOS article