Saturday, 14 August 2010

Carnivores and Herbivores

I met up with my old band mate and friend John Ford the other day. We used to play in millions of bands together when we were at school. He gave me this picture he took during one of our rehearsals, this one taking place at the school where I used to live. I remember this one because we raided one of the cupboards and used some pipe cleaners to fashion silly glasses from. Thats my mums handwriting behind me. Johns got a really cool blog here

He even uploaded some audio of one of our Doctor Gloves gigs in the mid eighties [using the day and month written on the blackboard, I make that 1984]. I'm liking the tone of that cassette recorder

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Girl Talk

Heres a clip of JG mooging-out today. We were working on a new Great Guns track 'Girls Talk', actually a song written by George Demure who we are working with on some tracks. He sent me a midi file and we used it to trigger the Moog Modular and Roland 100M which you can hear in the rough mix below. Its not finished yet, just a sketch still. There's a Linn LM1 and a bit of EMT plate too

Monday, 9 August 2010

Pack Shots

I'm doing some research into a new project and have been looking at how various manufacturers represented their products back in the mid 70s - mid 80s period, for example how they were lit and positioned. Here are some examples, mostly taken from retro synth ads blog, and also Niel Vance's flickr pages, and of course matrixsynth

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Omni Phonic

Here is a short demo of the ARP Omni synth. The Omni was introduced in the mid 70s and was ARPs biggest selling product. Its got three quite distinct sections; a beautiful sounding string synth [as used by Joy Division] a bass synth, which is pretty "fat" sounding, and can do the good squelchy stuff, and a polyphonic [paraphonic?] single osc synth which can be layered with the others. All in all its got a really unique and wonky sound and that is very good news. This little sketch was done by layering the three sections together, and no FX or anything was applied, so its pure Omni

The guy who sold me this sent me this mp3 which is a demo of the Omni made by ARP, which came on a flexidisc. Pretty cool!

People The Sky

I've been looking for this album for ages, and can't find it anywhere, apart from on vinyl on ebay for lots of £. Its an album recorded in 1969 by Michael Czajkowski, using only a Buchla 100 [pictured above - the actual system, which was located in the Bleeker Street Studio, NY]. Theres a great write up with lots of info here written by Seth The Man [click below to read the text as well], but having scoured the googernet I could only come up with the following audio clips. It sounds extremely interesting to me..... How come this is not available anymore?

Demo Reels

That last post featured a video made by these guys. I'm really enjoying looking at these various demo reels on youtube. BTW I want a Nimslo camera

Here's some more

Can YOU feel it?