Saturday, 31 July 2010

Big Computers

I love big and ancient technology. So i was delighted to discover this amazing website which has an archive of computing brochures. Some of them are utterly beautiful and mind-bogglingly cool

Here are some pictures that I have chosen, and below them are four examples of the complete brochures. Enjoy

IBM.system 1964

RCA.spectra 1968




I want one of these. Badly

Here is a website dedicated to this 1982 modular effects system. By Rick


I just watched the above named Michael Crichton film from 1981. Its pretty cheesy but as expected from the title it looks amazing, with beautiful 80's set design and a ton of early computer generated stuff. The music is by Barry Devorzon and is completely sequenced-synth based, but it doesn't seem to have been released as an OST, and is therefore not online either. Below are some clips, as well as the 1982 showreel of the company who did the CGI stuff

Friday, 30 July 2010

Korgy and Best

Why do I always have to think of a pun-based post title? The answer is 'I don't' so sorry about that one. Today I got a Korg Polyphonic Ensemble PE1000 and it's really brilliant. Its a mid 70's polysynth and I believe their first. And as is quite common they got everything right at their first attempt. Everything else they have made has been a little less pure and simple! Its got a great range of sounds and is very unique and characterful. This one came with its original pedals, one for sustain, one for 'glide' [pitch bend] and a big rocker-type pedal for controlling the filter cutoff, or as these early Korgs called them 'Travelers', which make a really beautiful sound. The sound on the video is pure PE1000. Its always a good sign when you don't need to put any effects on a synth to make it sound interesting

Electronic Music Review, 1967

Here are some scans from the above publication. I got them from the Moog Archives site. They were put together it seems by Moog themselves: "Electronic Music Review was published quarterly by the Independent Electronic Music Center, Inc., out of the R.A.Moog plant in Trumansburg, New York. The intent of the magazine was to provide a source of information on all aspects of electronic music. Contributors included some of the leading composers, educators, writers, and engineers in the field... Bode, Stockhausen, Berio, LeCaine, Carlos, Mumma, Davies, Cary, Dolby, and Moog.
Issue number 2 and 3 was the "International Electronic Music Catalog", compiled by Hugh Davies, simultaneously published in early 1968 as a hard-cover book by MIT Press (as pictured here)"

I would love to find an original set of these!

Vintage Cars

I drove to the studio today in the Saab 900 [from 1983] and a little boy of about ten years old pointed at the car and kind of laughed. It occurred to me that that would be the equivalent of me seeing an early 1950's car when I was ten drive past and thinking how funny it looked. Here are some more funny cars, which happen to have synth music soundtracks on. They are all designed by the amazing Bertone

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

DP Control

I think its time I upgraded to Digital Performer 7.2


Look at these graphs from my favorite book 'the a-z of analog synths' by Peter Forrest [I have more than one favorite book, ok?]. They show values as defined by him of each synth ever made, ever. It struck me that I definitely started buying keyboards at the right time - every graph in the book has a very pronounced nadir around 1989. THOSE WERE THE DAYS! [Trust me - every graph in the book looks like this....]

Monday, 26 July 2010