Saturday, 3 July 2010

Tom Tom Club

Here are a few ebay auctions that caught my eye. First up is an astonishing mid-70s acrylic Sonor kit, all original and lovely. Asking price = 3600 euros

Next is a Gretsch maple kit from around 1980 from the same expert seller. Three drums, not even all matching [one has a square badge, the others hex] for £3500! I have the same kit but with 5 toms and bass and snare from this same vintage....

Sunday, 27 June 2010

The Necks

Last night I went to see The Necks at the Barbican with Dan [who lives there] and Inchtime. It was pretty amazing as usual, I really like this band

Here's a picture I took from our seats in the theater. You can clearly make out the necks, and below them the bodies and above them the heads, where all the hard work is done

Watch The Necks and other great gigs on Moshcam.

Today on the Bay: Neve 51 Series

And here is a early 80's version of a Neve, all IC and compacted but still an interesting prospect:

Up for auction is used VINTAGE NEVE 24/36 CHANNEL CONSOLE Series 51.  NO RESERVE
See attached pictures.  I am selling this item for a family friend who had passed away recently.  I do know this system does work and have seen it fired up.  I don't know the exact state of this Neve Console since I am not an expert in this field.  This Neve Series 51 Console is being SOLD AS IS.  Shipping to the winning bidder will be up to them.  The winning party will have to arrange all shipping details weather its shipped by freight or picked up locally.  Any out of the area shipping is the buyers complete responsibility. 

Needs a little TLC to make it pretty again....

There is a patch bay that is included with this system (not pictured and not installed in the unit) as well as many parts purchased recently for this unit

Seller dibugno is in CA USA and starts bidding at $10000 [£6500]

Today on the Bay: Neve 5316

Here's a beautiful 53 series, basically the broadcast version on the 80 series, this time with 31 [it was a custom fit for a specific location] 33114b modules. Class AB 70's discrete technology!

Seller is in NJ USA [] and wants £43k ono:

This is an all original (31) channel 5316 neve console. The console has been fully refurbished. Every single electrolytic capacitor, in the entire console, was replaced w/ 105deg C panasonic or equivalent. The console is cosmetically clean. Additional features include the faders cleaned, newly manufactured scribble strips, brand new audio accessories nickel plated remote patch bays w/ existing wiring for 24 input/32 output DAW(d-subs). There is also a 50ft snake to a 24 input mic box normalled through bay into 1-24 mic inputs. The full patch bay layout is available in the picture above. The input channels are 33114B. There are (29) 33114Bs loaded. there is room for 2 more plus 2 compressors above the direct inputs on the right. The direct input right of channel 31 is great for pro tools users when tracking for monitoring. The console has 8 busses and (2) stereo busses, the standard mix buss + a clean feed. This board originally was used in a network broadcasting truck and has extensive comm system. It is referred to as custom because of the frame size of 31 which was made to fit a specific truck size. Every circuit path has been tested, calibrated and certified working. the original manual as well as spares are available. The console also comes w/ a powder coated custom stand on casters, pictured above. There are a few knob caps missing in the photo, but they all exist. We were in the process of gluing them on when this photo was taken. There is additional room on the patch bay for outboard equipment. The snake to the remote patch bay is roughly 12-15ft long. This is a true gem. The console is roughly 6ft in length.The EQ freq select switches and gain pots are crystal clean. The overall condition of the console is A+

Today on the Bay: Neve 8048

This blog seems to be all about consoles, consoles, consoles, but that's because I love mixing consoles and I think about them all the time. They are the central focus of any recording studio and are it's defining object, and frankly there's not enough websites about them out there anyway

Today on the bay you can buy what I consider to be the ultimate console ever made, for me anyway. It's a Neve 8048 with 32 1064 mic/eq modules, which are the same as 1073s but with a slightly different eq. Actually there's a great post here on gearslutz in which Neve guru Geoff Tanner explains the differences between the various 10xx modules. This console is in CT USA, the seller vintagetones wants $147000 / £98000. That's £2500 per module plus £18k for the rest. Value